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Health: Cellulite And Over 100% Successful Therapy Against Cellulite

Regular follow this thread on the forum and together they have several thousand pages. What is common, a careful reading is easy to see, that in fact none of this does not work or works for a short time.
In the fight against cellulite, the right one and efficient, I will call in the help of the definition and elementary mathematics (good old addition and subtraction).
What is cellulite by definition?
Cellulite is the result of the excessive increase in the volume of adipose tissue cells, or incomplete excretion of toxins that accumulate in the body, which prevents normal drainage of blood and lymph to drain waste fluid from the tissues.
So, clear as day! To have cellulite, we must bring ourselves to toxins and then keep them on the back, so that it insisted on sitting and not moving.
The amount of cellulite =
The amount of bad food + time that we stuck to a chair.
The most common is someone “attacked genetics,” but if we are going to be honest with the “genetics” often goes hand in hand with the roll-out of hot dogs bakery, bought ice cream and Coca-Cola. A consequence of this attack is then leafleted extremely expensive creams and treatments with exotic names.
In fact, massage is OK as a temporary replacement for the movement, as briefly discharged “dump” and improve circulation. Turning to the definition of cellulite, this makes perfect sense! The problem is that most after a successful massage keep full “dump” these same toxins and continues to sit on the “dump”, without any exercise.
We have cellulite, not because we have not gone to mesotherapy or bought the latest massage gel that costs half the average wage in America. Cellulite is there because we are fat cells, which can be enlarged up to 100 times, filled with waste, then sat long and hard on it and we gave it a go.
Massages and gels lenses only consequence and not the cause. The cause has always been and remains inadequate nutrition and lack of exercise and recreation. Our body knows that the processing of proteins, simple and complex carbohydrates, fats that exist in nature. But of course not known to process a bunch of artificial “novelty” that are crowded in cookies, fast food, preservatives, emulsifiers, various dubious ingredients starting with “E” and the like.
It is those things that do not exist in nature and with which our body does not really know what to do, these wastes that pile. Who’s going to feed healthy, has no funds to fill and dump. Not charging “such-I-was-genetics excuse” and landfill than bad food. We reach the same conclusion as the story of weight loss comes:
-There’s no magic formula.
-No new miraculous therapy.
-No new products (which still cost more than the previous one).
-NOT wasting money on canard and stories for young children.
” The solution is usually simple, free of charge, to everyone at hand and only permanently – if you have a problem with this, and mind you do not throw the first vapor to the canard than the first change your way of life! Approximately 80-90% of women have cellulite. Several factors contribute to the fact that the quantity and type of cellulite vary: lack of exercise, inadequate nutrition, and genetics. None of these factors can not be blamed 100%. The only factors that are not related to genetics alone can not eliminate from life. ”
Fitness & Diets Cellulite And Over 100% Successful Therapy Against Cellulite

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