Sunday, 25 March 2018

Bollywood : Why does Salman Khan hate women so much?

Why does Salman Khan hate women so much?
Mar 23, 2018 1:14 AM
Deepak Pareek
I know something about that hunter cum drunk driver
73w ago
Who said he hates women?
He is responsible for many new actresses in bollywood. In my views he is excellent women hunter. Bhai Fans don't get offended.
Lulia Vantur: Latest women whom with his name was is/was associated
Presence of this actress in bollywood is due to Salman Khan
His love: Her name was associated with him for a long time but she never accepted it and its all due to grace of bhai on her that this acting- emotion less women is in bollywood
Oh yeah Daisy Shah: Her first debut was in bhai's movie and next projects were also due to bhai's grace
List is long but that much may work
Perfect women hunter
P.S.: Don't consider me bhai-fan because he speaks shit, acts shit and Shit- Shita- Shit- Shiteverything about him is shit
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