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Bollywood : Why does no one want to marry Salman Khan?

According to him, he is not interested in getting married. He says: ”I think the unluckier you are in love, the luckier you are, actually.”
Now, while I have no idea what that statement is supposed to mean or what it means to Salman, it is evident he has been through many lovely women without being able to keep any of them.
Some have reported abusive behavior and alcohol problems from Salman as being deal breakers for them, others have ended love relationships but managed to remain friends.
Salman himself says he does not believe in letting the public in on his private life. He is currently rumored to be romantically involved with Romanian beauty Iulia Vantur, something which has been going on now for more than 3 years, but she says she has no plans of marriage with him on the table, that they are very good friends, and that Salman is a mentor to her who is helping her expand her career into singing in Bollywood. She says she is not currently looking beyond that, but the two are seen together often and she spends a great deal of time at his home and with his family.
So who knows???

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