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Bollywood : Why do South Indian movies prefer curvy actresses?


Why do South Indian movies prefer curvy actresses?
Mar 22, 2018 5:39 PM
Observing movie trends since 90s
95w ago
There are some reasons which I feel are behind liking for curvy woman in films by people in South India. Actually who don't like curvy woman? If you don't like, definitely there is some problem with you. Just read a recent comment given by Sania Mirza, she said SKINNY IS UNATTRACTIVE STRONG IS SEXY. 
Its true. Who wants to see a skinny women and make love with her.? Personally, I don't like skinny women. Since ages women were adored for her beauty from head to toe. Every part of a woman has been seen a symbol of beauty and that beauty is measured how attractive is each part of her body.​
Higher the percentage of the flesh the more the attractiveness is measured.
In bellow two pictures which picture you want to see again and again? Which woman attracts you more? It depends on the person and his taste. The first is more liked by South Indians and second picture will more liked by North Indians. 
​How you simply can't describe your taste for something.. this is also same. 
Hariom Singh
92w ago
  • Because south indian men love that kind of women..and south indians tend to be curvier than north indians...they are almost as curvy as black women with the bottom heavy structure and big boobs..but i think both kind of women look good..
  • South Indian cause there r so many like for example Aishwarya Rai herself who was born in Mangalore,Karnataka.She has become popular & is now refusing to act in South Indian movies.
  • Cinema is a reflection of social mores and conventions, and the movie industry elevates the top handful of people that the movie going public wants to get in bed with at any given moment, and most of us want to bugger white people.
It is believed that the South Indian film industry is all about glamour, action, and drama. The drama and action sure do exist but beyond that it is the glamorous appeal and the hot starlets that attract moviegoers to see South films. They are beautiful, hot, and talented set of ladies who are popular down south. These beauties reign the hearts of a million audience down south for their acting prowess as well as good looks. Some of them even made a powerful and successful footing into Bollywood. Here is a list of the top hottest South Indian actresses.
Shriya Saran
Kajal Agarwal
Tamannaah Bhatia
Shruti Haasan
Asin Thottumkal
Taapsee Pannu
SOURCE : Google
Inam Rox
works at IBM India
103w ago
Any trend starts off with one movie that would have pioneered with that idea ... Here in this one it would be Healthier Actresses ( One step up from Curvy ) ..... I am guessing it dates back to an actress known to many by her screen name as Silk Smitha and others followed ... Now comes the logical explanation for this .... If there is an audience which likes a Product in a Certain Way then the movie makers often go to that tune ... This is a major reason that South Indian Movies that dont come out of their Shell and stick to Age Old Formulae , In this case "Healthier Actresses " ..... So In short Once upon a time it worked ... So till there is someone else who breaks the monotony this would continue ...
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