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Bollywood : Who is your favorite South Indian actress? Why?


Who is your favorite South Indian actress? Why?
Mar 29, 2018 11:56 PM
Narender Singh Phartyal
English Instructor, Blogger & Content Writer (2013-present)
41w ago
I would like to mention Deepika Padukone. Today, she is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world but she started her career from South Indian Movies. She bagged a role in a Kannada film Aishwarya in the year 2006.
Her next big act down South was for the animated movie Kochadaiiyaan opposite Rajnikanth. Her career graph raised from the Blockbuster Bollywood movie Om Shanti Om, released in the year 2007 for which she even won a Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut.
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Many Thanks!
Bablu Kumar Singh
18w ago
Kajal Aggarwal (born 19 June 1985) is an Indianfilm actress and model. One of the most popular Indian celebrities, she has established a career in the Telugu and Tamilfilm industries and has been nominated for four Filmfare Awards South. In addition to acting, Kajal participates in stage shows and is a prominent celebrity endorser for brands and products.
Amrita Talukdar
IT Professional, Writer, Mythology fan
39w ago
Ramya Krishnan.
She has played some iconic characters leaving a mark in the movie industry. Though most people know her more as Sivagami in the Bahubali franchise, it is Padyappa’s Neelambari that is perhaps her career best performance.
This iconic scene between Ramya and our beloved Thalaiva is proof of her acting skills.
If there is one word that can aptly define her, then it is ‘Versatility’.
She can be sexy, simple, fiery, villanous, kind and anything we want.
Here are some evidences:
In glam avatar:
In homely avatar:
In heroine avatar:
In fiery Durga avatar:
And ofcourse, as our beloved Rajmata Sivagami:
Courtesy: Google Images.
Raj Mehta
studied at Visakha Valley School, Visakhapatnam
17w ago
One of the most versatile actresses of the south Indian cinema, Anushka Shetty has now become the queen of the industry. She has got the looks and the talent to swoon you. And in her latest flick which is all about being fine in whatever size you are is bound to make you realise that an actress is not all about item numbers. Here are some of the Filmi facts about Anushka:
  1. yoga
before entering into the movie industry, Anushka underwent yoga training from Bharat Thakur and was a professional instructor. She knows how to keep herself fit.
 2. Her choices of films and dedications
Here are some of the films which she did at and gave her best performances
Bahubali 1
Bahubali 2
Size zero
And many more
Sujatha Shankar
Knows about Bollywood and other Regional Woods in India
2w ago
Who is your favorite South Indian actress? Why?
Liking is subjective, albeit having said that, I won’t be wrong if I consider Jyothika Sadanah Saravanan as one of the finest actress from the South Cinema.
Though the question is pretty broad and expects one to consider not just the Tamil movie industry, I would still mention about one of my favourite actress who has done extensive acting only in Kollywood and never forayed into other regional cinema. But despite having a huge liking and respect for her as a professional, I haven’t seen much of her movies and only selective ones which I’d prefer any given day for the larger story-line and theme of the movie as a whole, in which she clearly outshines as a great performer.
As chirpy and cute Vasu in Snegithiye.
As a typical village belle in Dum Dum Dum.
As a highly educated yet flamboyant school teacher Maya in Kakha Kakha.
As mischievous and mentally disturbed Ganga Senthilanthan in Chandramukhi.
As a docile Aradhana in Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu.
Power packed performance as a deaf girl in Mozhi.
As a 36 years old woman who rediscovers her lost charisma while overcoming profound odds from a patriarchal society in 36 Vayadhinile.
Unlike other actresses down South, Jyothika or Jyo as she is fondly called, has done great movies through out her career. Now, this answer isn’t about her propaganda, but for sure highlights some of the best career choices she has made as an artist. And I hugely admire and respect her for that.
She is perhaps one of the few in the industry, who isn’t obsessed with glamour and the constant media attention that follows her.
[Image Source: Google]
Arun Kumar
works at Concentrix India
41w ago
Trisha is my most Favorite South Indian Actress <3
Reasons - No reason. I just Love her so much.
She is Animal Lover
Her Smile
Her Expressions
Helping Nature
As Goddess
Her Beauty
Huge Fan Following
What ever she is and what ever society points out negativity on her, I Love Trisha
Trisha is not a name, it’s a holy mantra for me
Trisha Trisha Trisha
Gayathri Rathnam
37w ago
I like Ms.Trisha and Ms.Ramya Krishnan. But I have one all time favorite:
  1. Ms.Revathi
Chirpy, cheerful teacher akka in Aan Pavam
2. Young widow who is unable to express herself and live her life due to society’s superstitious rules and laws - Vaidehi from Vaidehi Kaathirundhaal
3. A newly married woman who forgets her past and accepts her present and begins her life. - Divya in Mouna Ragam
4. A sinhalese girl who showed a girl can love someone and at same time also love something else from her heart. - Malini from Punnagai Mannan.
5. Innocent, loyal and understanding wife - Panchavarnam in Dhevar Magan
6. Serene, polite- Thayamma from Kizhakku vasal
  • Kollywood has talented , hardworking actresses who have acted in various challenging roles.
  • I personally like Revathi. She was one among the few actresses who have attempted to break a heroine’s delicate image on-screen and try different roles.
  • Suhasini was found more behind the camera than in front of it for Tamil Cinema. Radhika was always considered for Tom boyish roles. Sita was only chosen for girl next door roles.
  • Revathi was able to transform from a village girl(Mann Vasanai) to a city bred working woman (Magalir Mattum) and did justice to any role she was offered.
  • She might not be a sought after TV reality show judge/anchor/Queen of TV serials, but she does have a place in Tamil people’s hearts.
  • She is always one of a kind.
Image courtesy : Google
Edit 1 - Thanks to Mr.Ramanan Rv for mentioning about Mouna Ragam in the comments section. I had just posted the image and failed to mention the movie’s name.
Rohit Radhakrishnan
Proud secular Indian.
41w ago
One of the finest actresses India has produced is Shobana. She acted in lead roles for two decades, winning accolades and bouquets. Her script selection is also fantastic.
The following are some of her famous roles:
  • Ganga in Manichitrathazhu
The psychological thriller had her playing Ganga who is married to Nakulan. Later on it is revealed that she is the one who us acting as Nagavalli, out to kill Shankaran Thampi.
The film fetched her the National Award for Best Actress, as well as the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actress.
A girl who loses her memory. Her being oblivious to her past and her husband before the memory loss crafts in one of the most beautiful yet tragic stories on silver screen. The film fetched her awards and appreciation and is often considered an iconic role in the film industry.
A girl deeply in love with a man who calls off their marriage because he wishes to take care of his little sister. Despite limited screen time, she manages to leave an impact.
  • Pavizham in Meleparambil Aanveedu:
Charming Tamilian girl who marries the youngest brother in a Kerala family and is forced to act like a servant until everyone realises the reality — the film and the perfomance were roaring success.
  • Karthumbi in Thenmavin Kombath:
Her portrayal of a village girl in love with Manickam (Mohanlal) but forced to be engaged to get married with his friend (Nedumudi Venu) showed her hold over the comedy genre and won her the Filmfare Award for Best Actress.
Playing a nonconformist who breaks the shackles of conservative ideas, she marches onto to fight in the freedom struggle of India. Her portrayal won rave reviews and accolades and has a screen-presence which cannot be ignored.
Playing a servant girl who is in love with Krishnan Unni, she displays ths innocence and charm of a typical Malayali girl perfectly. Whenver she cries or when the suicide attempt occurs, we feel for her very badly.
  • Vijayalakshmi in Anubandham:
Her role as Vijayalakshmi, a woman who is at every wrong situations, in the I.V. Sasi tragedy is a memorable one — easily one of her top 10 performances.
  • Lakshmi in Mitr My Friend:
The role of a neglected wife who seeks friendship in online chat room is well-brought into the screen by Shobhana. Directed by Revathy (another one of my favourite actresses), the film is a hidden gem.
Shobana won her second National Award for Best Actress.
I sincerely hope she makes her comeback soon and act in more films. She is an invaluable asset to the film industry.
Oh yes! She is an excellent dancer, trained in classical dance form Bharatanatyam.
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