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Bollywood : What turns on Indian men?


What turns on Indian men?
Mar 29, 2018 5:07 AM
Rohit Kapoor
lives in India
28w ago
Thanks for the A2A. Personally I feel that IndianGents (Boys/Men) are very much different from gents in other nations. While American gents may get turned on by seeing the cleavage or legs of women in their country, Indian Gents can be turned on by simple watching the bare midriff, navel or waist of women in dresses like crop-tops or High length T-shirt & Low waist Jeans.
If its a Saree worn at low waist then such Indian Gents get turned on more strongly. A conservative Indian Society and a hush hush environment in Indian families, especially regarding attraction and other issues make Indian Gents to be easily turned-on people! :-p
Manish Kumar
studied at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology
27w ago
Well its a highly subjective matter(trust me it is),however i will summarise my preferences by points:
-Shy girls with cute smile with a little bit of blush on her face
-Intelligent(stupid bimbo kind of girls are a huge turn me off for me)
-Girls who are comfortable with traditional clothes
-Understand what true love is
-Dont irritate me with constant reminder that i have to reply to her every message
-Understand i have more things to do rather than talking to her
-Not fake with those fake profile pics
-Simple person not complicated
Nishanth Gowda
28w ago
I get turned on for the following things in a woman
I get turned if I see some skin expose near waist region in saree. Also if I see the navel accidentally, im done. I like when women adjust their pallu and if navel is seen yikes. Its like Pandora’s box
Look at the cute navel. How can one not get erection after seeing that.
Also it will be cute when they adjust their saree to hide their navel and their innocent face later.
Lok at that innocent face after adjusting.
Low cut blouse
Also I get turned on if they wear low cut blouse and expose their back.
Also it will be cute when they put their flowing hair in front and expose their back in low cut blouse.
Smoking beauties
I get turned on by seeing women who smoke
and its sexy when they blow the smoke out of their sexy lips
Bharatkumar Sundaram
30w ago
A football :P
It literally ‘TURNS’ ‘ON’ an Indian man if he manages to balance it well on his head like this:-
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