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Bollywood :What do North Indian guys think about South Indian girls?


What do North Indian guys think about South Indian girls?
Mar 22, 2018 9:26 PM
Entrepreneur (2015-present)
22w ago
As a north Indian guy, I respect south Indian girls. Here is why :
  1. Open Mindedness : I have never met a south Indian girl hating on north Indians. Yes they may be proud of their culture which I really admire but they are open minded to north Indian culture. They don’t judge you for any reason.
  2. Education : One thing I take as a default in south Indian girls is they are well educated. They focus on studies, get a good job and hence contribute a lot to their family. Skin color and other thing go out of window when education is set to scale. Many south Indian girls are wise and mature as far as my experience is concerned. You will find working women in jobs ranging from Bus Conductor and Traffic police to Banking, IT and administrative jobs.
  3. Modest and Cultural : Indian girls in general are modest but the pride in culture that south Indian girls have and the way they make our culture look so grand is appreciable. I remember some dresses in Bahubali 2. In real world as well you would see most south Indian women wearing big gold jewellery and saree is their favorite. They are perfect examples of modern women with traditional values.
  4. Empowered Women : Although north Indian girls tend to be stronger in real world, I wouldn’t necessarily equate it to being empowered. Also being empowered is not the same as being rude. Education is just one of the points. I have seen many homes where the husband lives in wife’s house after marriage. This Ghar Jamai concept cannot be thought of in north India. Fairer men marry women with darker complexion as well and may have lesser salary than his wife. All of this creates a sense of equality in tradition and culture as well and no modernity would be required to make women equal to man. So there is a nice balance of being empowered while still having traits of woman.
  5. Easy to talk to : In my college, school and in corporate offices, every time I was officially dealing with group of girls in my team at workplace in Bangalore and talking to south Indian girls has always been so easy and fun. They are never rude about things. In general, south Indian girls do not have an ego problem. I can really talk for hours with south Indian girls and have no issues.
I did not want to talk about beauty aspects as it totally depends on person’s preference and perspective. I personally don’t care about looks as much as personality and behavior.
Disclaimer : My answer is based on my experience in Bangalore. I may have raised some stereotypical points here based on my observation and it obviously is not applicable to all north or south Indian girls. I respect north Indian girls too. Its just tendencies and behavior aspects which I have tried to highlight here. :)
Akash Singh
works at Maruti Suzuki India Limited
61w ago
There was a girl from Coimbatore, Her name was Mirthuna. But her name on the ID was Sri Iswarya Mirthuna R. And when we first met I called her Iswarya and she was amused and responded that everyone from North gets that wrong. And we were good friends. And she introduced me to her other female friends from South.
Girls from South generally have a great holistic educational background in which they are technically sound as well as being strong on their cultural front, and they respect other cultures too, generally down to earth and very helpful. Especially girls from Kerala are very open minded and to say according to me Keralite girls are beautiful…hands down!!
Just so naturally beautiful!! One got to like her!
Alvaro Hans
60w ago
I see Hindi serials sometimes and see the heroines appearing there in.Many may look just fair in complexion,but do lack the ‘life’ that you see in Southern girls,especially Tamils and Keralites.Full of life,bubbly,charming,spicy..they stand out.
In Tamil there is a word ‘kalayana’களையான look,which has no equivalent in English,the nearest may be ‘charming’but not right enough.Late Kushwant Singh ,Editor of The Illustrated Weekly of India,remarked that the Tamil women were athe most beautiful women in India,according to him.I won’t agree,as beauty is a personal view as they say’Beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes!’My Kannadiga friend visiting Tiruchirapalli said that he is unable to take his eyes off the local girls!I warned him’If you are not able to take your eyes off,the girl’s brothers would do it for you!Be careful,otherwise you will return to Bangalore blind!’
Actresses are commercial beauties like Coca Cola ,so I am not providing their made-up images.
Shiv Shanker Khan
knows Hindi
24w ago
Most of the aspects are already covered by other Quorans.
Some aspects which I adore about South Indian Girls :-
  1. Good education, well-read and non-judgmental. A South Indian girl will interact quite comfortably with any male as compared to a North Indian girl. I am not saying that all North Indian girls try to avoid having conversation with a stranger male. But it’s a very well observed fact that North Indian girls are extra conservative when it comes to male-female interaction.
  2. I have often observed that a South Indian girl is less likely to ape Western culture in the name of modernity and emancipation. Now I don’t want to judge a girl by her choice of clothes. But, I have often observed that North Indian girls will ape Bollywood fashion trends just to look cool and not be termed as a ‘Behenji’ or ‘Ganwaar’ (basically rural).
  3. Despite being educated and working in corporate jobs, a South Indian girl will celebrate her traditional festival with equal gusto as her older generation people would do. Being educated or working girl does not make her look down upon her culture and traditions. Whether its preparing a traditional meal or making rangolis on festive occasions, South Indian girls perfectly validate the adage of ‘modern women with traditional values’.
  4. You will definitely find a South Indian woman in higher positions in administration, banking, educational, medicine and technological field. Not that we can’t find North Indian girls in these fields, but the numerical strength of South Indian girls are much higher in these fields as compared to North Indian women.
    The major reason behind this could be high importance given to education among South Indians irrespective of gender.
PS: Just my observation, North Indians please don’t get offended, especially girls. I am also a North Indian ;)
Diwakar Bhargava
Embedded Software developer at General Electric
38w ago
We are crazy for South Indian girls…!!! They are mostly ego at all..the best thing about them(interacting with south Indian girls from almost 7 years now ) is they are very smart and have a great sense of humor…!!
They may take a while to open themselves…but once the do..they are one of the best company to be with…!!
P.S…I am having a huge crush on a Malyali girl in my office..she looks very sweet in that mallu saadi they wear on ONAM…:)
Sanjay Choudhary
works at Brillio Technologies
140w ago
I have been living in Bangalore for 3years and i think that south Indian girls are well educated and down to earth and have less ego compared to north Indian women and they love their culture.
Manas Nayak
24w ago
Intelligent, beautiful, well mannered and trustworthy..
I have many South Indian female friends and have never felt the difference..
Though I have seen girls from north and south don't gel well, guys in my knowledge never have such feelings
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