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Bollywood : What are the worst things about Bollywood?


What are the worst things about Bollywood?
Mar 29, 2018 12:20 PM
Shubham Agrawal
works at Visa
59w ago
  • Prioritizing Star Kids: This is the biggest problem with Bollywood. Majority of the directors launch star kids. Without looking the capabilities, talent and endowment, star kids are being launched. There are several examples for eg: Suraj Pancholi, Athiya Shetty, Tiger Shroff, Varun Dhawan, Harshvardhan Kapoor, Uday Chopra, Luv Sinha, Vivaan Shah etc. There are many as well who are very poor at acting but trying to survive in the industry like Arjun Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Karan Johar, Shraddha Kapoor. They don’t know acting and neither they have a knack for acting but due to influence of their father, relatives they are being preferred over talented actors. Without any proper education and training they are given the ticket to Bollywood.
  • Looks Matter, Talent doesn’t: Now-a-days it’s a trend that just launch a woman if she as won any beauty competition, looks good etc. Again talent is kicked away for looks for eg. Urvashi Rautela, Pooja Hegde, Disha Patani etc.
  • Associating a super star with poor scripts and stories: There are several examples where super stars do the films for killing their time. Movies like Happy New Year, Dilwale, Sultan, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo etc generate huge box office collections without having any storyline. Due to this, good films which specifically carry profound meaning and meant for delivering message are overshadowed.
  • Plagiarism: In the name of “Recreation” they just copy movies, dialogues, songs, action scenes etc and release them.
  • Becoming Directors: There are several examples where normal actors, dancers, singers, choreographers just become directors. For eg Prabhu Deva, Farah Khan etc. Without any formal education in film making, direction they just start directing actors. This thing actually decreases the level of acting.
Eknoorpreet Singh
lives in India
32w ago
Disclaimer : Those who “breathe Bollywood”, don’t read this.
Below are the 8 wonders ( read : blunders ) of Bollywood :
  1. Fake reviews : They don’t give a rat’s ass about critical appreciation, but only focus on box office collections. Sure, one could say that the director did his best, but what if they fool you through fake reviews :
The reviews of “Sanam Re”, have usernames of Bollywood personalities + “do”. Woah, it’s sooo clever, I couldn’t even notice. Way to go, T-Series! You have an excellent PR team
2. Plagiarism :
“If you hide the source, you're a genius. There's no such thing as originality in the creative sphere.” - Mahesh Bhatt
We get it, you look for inspiration. Everyone does. But why follow a half-baked advice? At least, try adding some originality to make it look like you’ve put in some effort.
3. For the love of Bhai : This one’s my personal favourite. Take a good look at the image below :
Noticed it? The boy is looking under the girls’ skirts using the mirror. He’s the younger version of Salman Khan’s character in London Dreams. Meanwhile, every roadside romeo gets a new hope, “Bhai ne kiya hai, hum kaise na kare?” ( If Salman Khan did it, we’ll do it too). Salman Khan can do anything and get away with it.
Sure, one could say that this one’s the fans’ fault and not the actor’s. But Salman Khan can at least speak against this instead of keeping mum.
4. Singers acting and actors singing : This trend started a decade back with Himesh Reshammiya’s debut in Aap ka Suroor - The Movie, and has continued ever since. Over time, more celebrities gained confidence in abilities they don’t have :)
Caption : Left - Himesh Reshammiya holding a gun to his head after watching “Tera Suroor”, Right - Salman Khan in agony after listening to his own song.
5. Unmerited judges : I don’t really get why an actor has to be everywhere. Why can’t he just be an actor ? So here we have Sonakshi Sinha judging Indian Idol, and Chetan Bhagat judging Nach Baliye :
TV channels choose them using reverse psychology here. “Man…the audience will really look forward to seeing, what a person with zero knowledge in the subject will have to say about it. They’ll wait for Chetan’s clash with other judges. Hit show guaranteed!”.
6. Nepotism : Bollywood will cease to exist without nepotism. The Kapoors and the Khans will continue to rule through their next generation.
These three shouted “Nepotism rocks” in front of the entire audience. Then they apologize on Twitter saying, “intention was not to hurt anyone.” Only if an apology could fix everything, the world would’ve been a peaceful place.
7. Stalking : I was really excited when I heard about “Toilet : Ek Prem Katha” . “Another movie on an extremely important social topic by Akshay Kumaryay!”, I thought. The below scene is in the first video song of the movie :
Caption : Akshay Kumar’s character stalking his female interest. (No, not funny this time )
WTF! Why can’t they just make a normal movie, devoid of stalking and other immoral acts?
8. The way they portray gay characters : When I first watched Dostana back in 2008, I laughed at this scene :
It’s 2017 and now that I have some common sense, it isn’t funny anymore. Why do they have to show gay characters so weird ? Why can’t they show them the way they are, i.e, Normal ?
Yogendra Pratap Singh
works at Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad
30w ago
Have you heard of this movie?
It is a movie based on Ramanujan, arguably the greatest mathematician of all time. Bollywood could not make a single movie on this legend since over 100 years of its inception.
OK! Watched this Oscar winning movie?
Bollywood cannot make a good film on him? And Hollywood is making films on Indian legends and winning awards.
Is there any movie on our ancient culture (except Mohanjodaro) ?
Any movie on great Chandra Gupta maurya who defeated Warriors like Sinkandara and selukas?
Any movie about any of Indian presidents?(Doesn't Bollywood feel Dr Kalam worthy of a biopic?)
Any movie about Aryabhatta, inventor of zero , Shusruta, father of modern surgery, Panini, Dr J.C. Bose, Dr Satyendra Nath bose(on whose name particle ‘Boson’ is named and also 5th state of matter ‘Bose-Einstien’ condensate), Noble laureate Dr. C. V. Raman, Ravindra Nath Tagore?
How many movies on First war of independence (1857 revolt)?
Any good movie about medieval India(oh not love stories) , about Rana Pratap, Rana Sanga, Shiva ji?
How many good movies about Indian mythology?
Any movie about bravery of India soldiers in World War 1 and World War 2?
When the Industry which boasts to be one of the biggest film industry in the world doesn't know to portray it's own country’s history, culture and mythology, what can be said?
Fault is of some audience too who do not go to theatres to watch such movies and make movies like Happy New Year, and Bajarangi Bhaijaan highest grosser
(Recently some good movies are coming based on history and culture and good biopics and it's a pleasant turn by Bollywood)
Edit- Here I am talking about Bollywood not Tollywood or other regional film industry.
Edit2- Guys while writing this answer, I didn't expect this much upvotes and and comments which simply suggest the new generation of audience has arrived. No wonder why Bollywood is paying increased attention to history and culture based cinema nowadays.
studied at MBBS Student
36w ago
  • When you have budget of 10,15,20,50 or 70 crores.What will you do?Will you waste it?
No.But,the problem with the bollywood is that they don’t have any ideas.
So,they will make a movie about Lovestory or Action or Comedy.
  • Okay.I don’t have any problem with these kind of plots.But,they don’t even make good movies with that.They will take the actors and actresses on the basis of their looks.And if any starkid is searching for the film ,then he or she is a gem for them.
  • Now,the actors,story are already decided. It is a time for music.Put 2–3 Arijit’s or Armaan Malik’s songs.Put one partytype song.Now,recreate any old classic with the help of Badshah.
  • The shooting will be done at some wonderful locations. It will hardly take 2–3 months. The postproduction will be done.
  • Now,they will release a trailer.Oh,it is trending on YouTube. They will release songs. The songs are doing very well.The producer-director are very happy. Because they think this movie is going to work.The so-called actors are promoting the film.Everything is great till now.
Now,the result day arrives.They will search for the reviews and get these.
Now,they should work harder so they don’t get this type of result.Right??But ,no.
It doesn't end here.They will keep repeating this cycle. And what do you get????
  • And,on the other side,you can also make a movie like this. It is a marathi masterpiece.
(I am a not a marathi!!!)
IMDB Rating-8.6
Budget- 4–5 crores
Box office-110 crores
  • Glamorous actress - No
  • Actor with six pack-No
  • Foreign location - No
  • High budget-No
Beautiful cinematography, simple story, solid screenplay, great background music and acting make it perfect.
See the trailer, if you haven't watched it.
Somewhere, I have heard that,
“There is a thin line between cinema as an art and cinema as a business.”
either make an epic lovestory like this or stop making lovestories and get some new ideas …
Wake up,bollywood. Otherwise regional movies like Sairat and Baahubali are going to crush you…
If I am not wrong,then the actress of this film was studying in just 9th std,when it was shot.
Really, this little girl is giving tough competition to senior actresses.
Edit 1:
The question is ,
“What are the worst things about bollywood?”
So,please,don’t remind me about the good movies and actors of bollywood. I will write about them,when the question will be,
What are the best things about bollywood?”
Thank you all for your great response.
(All Source:Google)
Abhishek Singh
Religious follower of the Indian Cinema
41w ago
First of all, it should never be "Bollywood". There is only a Hollywood. We should proclaim our film industry with the name of the "Indian film industry".
Faults with our Indian film Industry and Indian movies.
  • Revenge:- I don't know, how revenge is most favored theme of Indian scriptwriters. Lead actor avenging the murder of his father, parents, his wife, rape of his sister, betrayal to his family. Name any movie and you will get revenge is the crux of the story.
  • Love story:- Rich boy - poor girl, Rich girl - poor boy or families of actors at loggerhead and disrupting the romantic angle.
  • Updated Love story; From rich-poor to modern day well to do lovers, however, all are commitment- phobic in the entire movie, they are unable to express their love and by the climax, they will realize their true feelings.
  • A lead actor could be anybody like a common man, police, criminal, student, a business tycoon. Nearly in every movie, he would be a brand ambassador of alcohol and smoking.The lead actor also becomes the brand ambassador of "Stalking". Stalking in movies means 100 % success in love. In movies, the heroine is quite OK with the stalking attitude, however, in real life, it is quite opposite.
  • Hero's Parents: If it is an action movie, they will be poor, honest and will be entitled to die a brutal death at the hands of villains. If the parents are part of old-fashioned rom-com, they will be either rich or poor and will ensure 100% hindrance in the love life of the lead actors. In the modern romantic movies, parents of the lead actors are usually shown as helpless and they are unable to convince their respective sons or daughters to marry or choose their life partner. BTW, Indian movies give significant importance to the role of a mother.
  • Hero's sister- She will be certainly getting raped and killed in a typical action movie. For a rom-com, hero's sister will be well dressed up and all "Sanskari" compared to the heroine, who will be brash, bold and alcoholic. Item songs can be pictured on heroine, but not on the hero's sister. Also, she will choose her partner as per parents wish.
  • Heroine- A typical damsel in distress for action movies. In 9 out of 10 movies, she will be getting molested, however, will be saved at the last moment from getting raped by the hero. This marks her difference from the hero's sister as she will be not so lucky. Even brave and bold actress, post falling in love with the hero will leave her fate solely dependent on the fighting skills of the hero. Even Avanthika and Devsena became dependent on respective Bahubali for their cause. In a romantic movie, a typical heroine is a rebel, pays no heeds to the parents, like the hero she does an advertisement campaign on alcohol and smoking. She also reflects great relationship goals by mostly disobeying their parents. Most of the times, she will be shown as commitment phobic on screen. In another atypical showcasing, her orientation of clothes will change from western to Indian, post marriage.
  • Hero's friend:- He will have no personal life of him. He will have committed life for our lead actor. His only lifetime goal will be to help the hero in either getting revenge or getting the girl of the hero's choice. In the action movies, most of the times, he will be awarded death for his helpful nature towards the hero. If the friend is a comedian, he can escape death from our movie script writers.
  • Villains:- They are madly in the love with the heroine. They will certainly kill hero's parents, rape his sister, molest the heroine. Will roam everywhere with the army of goons, however, during climax will be killed in the easiest way. The villain could end up embarrassing himself, whenever he confronts the hero with a conversation. As dialogues are reserved specifically for heroes and not for villain.
  • A song is a must for every occasion love, heartbreak, even revenge, hero entering the villain's den or in a bar. A hero and heroine can easily transport them to the foreign location for a romantic song. Villains have not learnt from the history. When they kidnap a hero's family and the heroine, they celebrate with song and dance with the heroine being the lead dancer. For years, this gives the opportunity for hero to enter the villain's den and kill all villains. Songs to celebrate alcohol and drugs, item songs with the camera focusing on either the heroine or the actor performing on the item song.
  • Crime is the name of life and can guarantee easy and huge success. A small boy selling alcohol bottles can easily transform into the underworld don when he is young. Killing is quite okay as law and order and police are hardly present to take care of it, in most of the action movies. If the hero is a policeman, he can easily do encounter as they are not noticed by the government.
  • In romantic movies: visiting a foreign country is a not a big deal. Within the 1st year of his or her career, the central character becomes a huge business tycoon. Adultery, cheating on a partner has a minimal impact on the relationships. Pre-marital sex is a must in every romantic relationship.
  • Nearly all politicians are negative characters. Police will be either negative or positive, means no neutral approach with the police on screen. Crime always pays. The honest and good character of lead actors mean hellish life for them, with only movie's climax offering them redemption.
  • Rest other points like:- Nepotism, plagiarism, low quality, poor scripts, a high number of flops, the culture of hero and heroines as demi-gods are part and parcel of nearly every movie industry.
  • I personally want Indian film industry to get rid of showing "Stalking" as a romantic activity. It is not, actually it is a big crime. The films also should not influence youngsters with dose of alcohol, drugs and themes of crime pays.
Jai Hind!
Another Bollywood fan
47w ago
  1. Casting good looking young men
Today's Bollywood doesn't look for acting skills. They want looks, body and, probably, dancing skills. Also, most of these untalented youngsters are the sons or daughters of great actors and filmmakers. But, though the parents know how to act, it doesn't mean their children should.
Plus, we have music composers acting in movies as well.
2. Stupid, illogical movies
Why do we have movies such as these in our industry?
Does it have any positive influence on the society? Everything they show in such films happens only in films; not in the real world. Does the events happening in movies have any sense? Both scientific or social?
3. How females are portrayed
Female actors receive their fans because of their looks and the way they show their bodies - wearing short clothes and dancing to some music, shaking their hips and shoulders. But who's gonna look for acting skills when we have some pretty items here in our movies?
4. Bhai
Finally, in an industry where Salman Khan(who doesn't have any skill) rules the whole country and even the most talented actors, nothing can go right.
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