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Bollywood : Typically, which nostril do Indian Muslim women pierce?


Typically, which nostril do Indian Muslim women pierce?
Mar 25, 2018 7:30 PM
Mohd Azhar
If idiocy is cricket, I am Sachin of it.
63w ago
I think it is right
or left?
left maybe?
Hell no it must be right
how about septum?
Can’t really say!
Generally speaking I have seen majority of Indian women, not necessarily Muslim piercing the left side of the nose(here in south). Cannot vouch for others, I do like pierced nose of women irrespective of the side it is pierced. It certainly adds to the beauty.
source: Google Images
Amrita Sahni
B.A Humanities & Religious Studies, The Open University (2018)
63w ago
Thanks for the request.
Funny you've asked this question because I've been thinking for weeks whether to get my nose pierced or not.. really no joke. I almost booked the appointment to get it done but decided I will wait a bit… apparently after getting it done the pierced area becomes swollen for days or weeks even ..?
Apart from this little fear and whether it'll be painful or not… I would still like to get it done. To answer your question which side of the nostril… it'd have to be my right side.. I'm right handed so makes sense.
I do believe it makes a woman look attractive regardless of what nose shape or size we have. Majority of the ladies in my family have their nose pierced and it does make them seem more feminine.. it kind of adds an elegance and beautifies their already beautiful faces.
Just to add I don't like those nostril rings or piercing on both sides of the nostrils.. it doesn't look right at all.. a simple piercing either on left or right with a stud looks simple and attractive.
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