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6 indecent ways some Nigerian girls dress to church

The church stands as the yardstick for decency simply because it's believed to be a gathering that pleases to God. Most church leadership focus on preaching the gospel and so most times, people appear however they like to the holy gathering, forgetting to consider decency in their style and fashion.
Indecency in church is like corruption in government; it ruins things. As much as the gospel preaches that God looks only inward and not the outward, the effect of indecency goes beyond the surroundings of the church. It poisons the minds some innocent members, it paints the church in a bad light to the public and a host of negativity that shouldn't come from the church.

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Check out the type of outfits some girls tend to wear to church.

1. Bosom on display

2. Definitely forgot to go home to change for church after hitting the club

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3. Trying to confuse the pastor

4. Off-body top

5. Mami water dress
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6. Pastor must marry me
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