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Health typhoid fever


Typhoid Fever (Enteric Fever)
Enteric fever is caused by salmonella typhi and salmonella paratyphi A,B,C.
Incubation period : 1-3 weeks . Transmission : by ingestion of contaminated food or water . Clinical features : Fever ,myalgia ,cough ,constipation ,abdominal pain and headache ,Features worsen with time and peak in the third week , deafness and diarrhea can occur and there is classically described relative bradychardia ,hepatosplenome

galy and rose spots (pale pink blanching spots on the trunk ) may be found , the tongue may be dry and coated complications include psychosis , or altered mental state ,hepatitis ,cholecystitis ,pneumonia ,precarditis and meningitis . Leucopenia is typical , Untreated ,mortality is from septicemia or GI perforation ,

Diagnosis : is made by culture of the organism from blood ,bone marrow , stool or urine . Serology : Widal test is not useful

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