Thursday, 30 November 2017

Film: Kalan Dangi 1-2 – Sabon Hausa Film 2017

To ina ma abota harkar kallon fina finan hausa a yau ne zaku iya kallon film din kalan dangi a wayoyinku da kuma talabijin domin ku kalla sabi daku.
Kalan dangi film ne da kukajima kuna jiransa domin kala tunda an haskashi a cinimas wasu sunje sun kalla wasu kuma basu da ikon kalla sai sanda ya fito to yau gashi yafito kuyi maza kuje ku nemi naku a kasuwa.
Kuna iya download dinsa a online ko ku sakko dashi.



Film: Kalan Dangi 3-4 – Sabon Hausa Film 2017

To ina ma abota harkar kallon fina finan hausa a yau ne zaku iya kallon film din kalan dangi a wayoyinku da kuma talabijin domin ku kalla sabi daku.
Kalan dangi film ne da kukajima kuna jiransa domin kala tunda an haskashi a cinimas wasu sunje sun kalla wasu kuma basu da ikon kalla sai sanda ya fito to yau gashi yafito kuyi maza kuje ku nemi naku a kasuwa.

Jaruman Film Din Sune

Ali Nuhu

Ameenu shareef Momo

Aisha Tsamiya

Sadik sani daik

Kuna iya download dinsa a online ko ku sakko dashi.



Full Film: Kisan Hutu 1-2 – Sabon Hausa Fim 2017

Sabon shirin Hausa film kenan mai suna Kisan Hutu Wanda film din yake dauke da chakwakiya a cikinsa.
Inda zakuga jarumi Ali nuhu yake yiwa mahaifinsa Allurar Mutuwa akan wani dalili.

Jaruman Film Din Sune:

Ali Nuhu

Ahmed Ali Nuhu

Jamila Nagudu

Da dai sauransu.

Kisan Hutu

Kawai Ku shigo wannan shafin Dan Kalla ko Ku dakkoshi.



Health Necrotizing fasciitis Diseases

Necrotizing fasciitis
This is an acute necrotizing infection of the skin ,subcuteanous tissues and superficial fascia ,it may involve muscle . Clinically there is soft erythema or dusky appearance with severe pain . Risk factors are diabetes , advanced age ,obesity and intercurrent illness . It is often a mixed infection with
streptococcal pyogenes ,anaerobes and coliforms , It requires aggressive surgical debirdement as well as antibiotics (covering anaerobes , gram negatives , and streptococci (Clindamycin may have benefit in inhibiting production of sterptococcal toxins ) Fournier's gangrene is a type of necrotizing fasciitis involving the male genitalia

(video) Ban taba ambaton Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi a wa'azina ba — Kabiru Gombe

Babban sakataren kungiyar Jama'atu Izalatul Bid'ah Wa Iqamatus Sunnah (JIBWIS), Sheikh Kabiru Gombe, ya musanta cewa yana yawan ambaton sunan Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi a cikin wa'azinsa.
Sheikh Kabiru Gombe ya bayyana hakan ne a yayin wata ziyara da ya kai wa BBC a ofishinmu da ke Landan a makon daya gabata, inda ya ce shi a tarihin rayuwarsa bai taba ambaton sunan Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi ba a cikin wa'azinsa.
Malamin addinin ya ce, "idan akwai wanda ke da wani kaset na wa'azinsa da ya ambaci sunan malamin, to kofa a bude take ya fiddo da shi ya yada wa duniya."
Za ku iya kallon cikakkiyar hirar da BBC ta yi da Sheikh Bala Lau da kuma Kabir Gombe idan kuka latsa nan.
"Hasali ma shi shaihin shi ke ma ambatarmu a cikin wa'azinsa, domin ya kira sunana dana mahaifina ba sau daya ba, ya kuma kira shugaban kungiyarmu da sunansa karara, har ma ya kan siffantashi da munanan siffofi wanda shi shugaban bai taba mayar masa da martani a kan hakan ba," in ji shi.
Jagoran Izalan ya ce "ita da'awa ta ahlul sunnah ba da'awa ce ta kiran sunaye ba."

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Health scarlet fever

Scarlet Fever
It is an infectious disease caused by streptococcus pyogenes ( group A strept.) , usually spread by inhalation ,it is most common in children 5-15 years of age . Scarlet fever features a bright red rash that covers most of the body this rash is caused by an erythrogenic toxin released from the bacterium (streptococcus pyogenes) ,it is almost accompanied by sore throat and high fever . The signs and symptoms include :
Red rash : The rash looks like a sunburn and feels like a sand paper ,it appears 12-72 hours after the fever start ,on the face it shows as red cheeks with characteristic pale area around the mouth (circumoral pallor) , it typically begins on the face or neck and spreads to the trunk ,arms and legs ,if pressure is applied to the rash it turns pale ,begins to fade 3-4 days after onset and desquamation begins .the rash may be itchy .
Red lines : The folds of skin around the groin ,axillae ,elbows ,knees and neck usually became a deeper red than the surrounding rash .
Flushed face : the face may appear flushed with a pale ring around the mouth . Strawberry tongue : the tongue look red and is often covered with a white coating early in the disease . Incubation period : 2-4 days .
Rarely scarlet fever can lead to rheumatic fever .
Differnitial diagnosis : kawasaki disease is an important differential especially in its incomplete form ,scarlet fever appears similar to kawasaki disease in some aspects but lacks the eye signs or the swollen red fingers and toes .
Penicillin or amoxicillin is the antibiotic of choice to treat scarlet fever. There has never been a report of a clinical isolate of group A strep that is resistant to penicillin. For patients with a penicillin allergy, recommended regimens include narrow-spectrum cephalosporins (e.g., cephalexin, cefadroxil), clindamycin, azithromycin, and clarithromycin.
Table: Antibiotic Regimens Recommended for Group A Streptococcal Pharyngitis
Drug, Route Dose or Dosage Duration or Quantity
For individuals without penicillin allergy
Penicillin V, oral Children: 250 mg twice daily or 3 times daily; adolescents and adults: 250 mg 4 times daily or 500 mg twice daily 10 days
Amoxicillin, oral 50 mg/kg once daily (max = 1000 mg); alternate:
25 mg/kg (max = 500 mg) twice daily 10 days
Benzathine penicillin G, intramuscular <27 kg: 600 000 U; ≥27 kg: 1 200 000 U 1 dose
For individuals with penicillin allergy
Cephalexin, oral 20 mg/kg/dose twice daily (max = 500 mg/dose) 10 days
Cefadroxil, oral 30 mg/kg once daily (max = 1 g) 10 days
Clindamycin, oral 7 mg/kg/dose 3 times daily (max = 300 mg/dose) 10 days
Azithromycin, oral 12 mg/kg once daily (max = 500 mg) 5 days
Clarithromycin, oral 7.5 mg/kg/dose twice daily (max = 250 mg/dose) 10 days

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Nigerian women rated high in sexual unfaithfulness, must read story [18+] (Sponsored)

If you are a man and you have a wife or you are in a serious relationship, then I want you to invest the next 5-10 minutes of your time to read this article right now.
And here’s why…
According to a recent study by condom manufacturer Durex; 29,000 people in 36 countries were interviewed on their likelihood to cheat of their partners, Nigerian Women were considered to be the most unfaithful in the world!
As a Nigerian, you might dismiss this survey as untrue on religious and cultural basis; however, Durex may not be far from the truth actually.
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My True-life story:
To tell the truth, the unfortunate day I discovered that my wife was cheating, I wasn’t prepared for it. In fact, I had not suspected her once since we got married five years ago.
I mean I TRIED to satisfy her as a man the best way I can, the sex wasn’t bad (at least not to me…I ASSUMED); although I was battling with some SEXUAL ISSUES, however, she always told me that there was no problem that she loves me regardless of my sexual weaknesses . She promised me that we were going to find a solution to it together.
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I am an author and a successful one at that. The day my entire world crumbled before my eyes was the day I came back home 5 hours earlier than normal because I forgot a very important office document.
To my dismay and utter betrayal, I saw my beloved and ‘faithful’ wife being banged and spread wide from side to side by another man who seemed to be in total control of the game. My wife was screaming, moaning, and enjoying herself in ways I
 had never seen her before.

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Suddenly, warm tears involuntarily started to drop down my cheek because she was not just the mother of my little children, but she was also my lover and best friend (at least that was what I thought).
They were totally into each other, very unaware of my presence in the room. I sat by the corner of the room almost losing my breath like an asthmatic patient.
My first impulse was to pick a knife off the kitchen cabinet. I almost did. If I had done that, chances were that I would have committed murder that day and my entire family and bright career would have been brought to shambles.
I decided to kill that thought of murder, and at least see the face of the person who is rough handling my wife. Then I saw his face, it wasn’t my boss, or neighbour, or best friend. It was hers.
The guy who had always been there. They were very close friends before I met her. They were still friends even while we dated. When we were getting married, she asked me to make him one of my groomsmen.
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They had been friends ever since. At first I was uncomfortable with how close they were. However, she told me he was like a brother to her. Then he got a girlfriend, who he eventually married and I never saw him in that light again – a threat.
Until that unfortunate moment of course, when stark reality stared me in the face like a one-eyed monster… ALL BECAUSE I HAD A SEXUAL PROBLEM AND DIDN’T FIX IT IN TIME; AND SHE ALWAYS TOLD ME NOT TO WORRY TOO MUCH THAT SHE UNDERSTANDS. It was at that moment that the eternal words from my grandmother resounded in my head:
Alatise lo moatisearare (meaning, it is only you who can fix your own problems not someone else).
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Here are eight (8) STAGGERING STATISTICS about how negligence of YOUR sexual activeness can destroy your home, happiness, and life.
1. 39% of Nigerian women are currently cheating on their husbands due to lack of attention and of course the INABILITY of the MAN to perform is MATRIMONIAL DUTIES .
1. 24% of Nigerian women are tending towards depression and extra-marital affairs due to SEXUAL STARVATIONor
BAD SEX LIFE . There is a 65% chance that they will cheat on their husbands in a matter of weeks.

1. 77% of Nigerian men actually believe that they are great in bed…A Sex god! Very funny. However, studies show that only about 21% are actually good at knocking the hell out of their partner’s
P*SS*Y ; the remaining 56% are living in delusion because when they bang their wives, they hear her moan.
2. 55% of women moan not because they are enjoying the sex, but because they don’t want to bruise the ego of their partner. So they just keep deceiving the men.
3. 45% of divorce cases in Nigeria are as a result of the man not being able and willing to SERVICE HIS WIFE CONSTANTLY , and in ONE CORNER…
4. Every woman wants the PRINCE & the GANGSTAR. Be her Prince by showing care and providing for her and the family; Be Her Gangstar by firing her Everyday, Everytime, and in Everyway…
5. There is a 75% chance that even a faithful woman will cheat on her husband at least 5 times in her life time if HE consistently UNDER-PERFORMS in the OTHER ROOM .
6. Finally, there is a 69% chance that the person your wife might be cheating on you with is very close to you. Women most times cheat not with a total stranger, but with a man that is known and familiar with both of you.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Video: Dadin Kowa Sabon Salo Episode 29 Arewa24

Domin gani cigaban shirin dadin kowa na satin da ya wuce said Ku shigo wannan shafin domin kukalla sannan Ku dakkoshi.
A wancan satin kunga yadda ta kaya tsakanin gidan su bintu da kanwar gimbiya.
Sai kuma bom ya tashi a police station yayin da Alawiyya take ciki shin tamutu ko tana da rai.
Shin me zai biyo bayan harin bom din da ya rutsa ALAWIYYA da kuma WIZY?
Garin neman gira an rasa ido! GAYE ya burma DAN’ASABE inda ya saka shi yayi abinda ya dame shi.
A duk abin nan da ake ciki, AYUBA yana nan akan bakansa na ganin sai ya shigo da TANI daga ciki, a inda shima yake ganin sharuddan da aka shimfida masa zai haifar masa da mai ido.
Anya kuwa?



Music: Rarara – Kafisu Gaskiya Buhari Teaser

Assalamu Alaikum Ya Ku ‘Yan Kuwa Masoyan Shahararen Mawakin Nan Na Siyasa Mawakin Da Allah Ya Daukakashi Ya Bashi Tarin Baiwa Da Ilimi Da Jama’a,
Wannan Ba Kowa Bane Face Naku Mai Kaunar Ku Mai Kishin Kasarku Mai Yin Kira Da Fadakarwa Ga Manyan Kasarmu. Wato “Alh Dauda Adamu Kahutu Rarara”.
Yane Muku Albishi Da Bushara Kana Da Farin Ciki Fitar Da Sabuwar Wakarsa Mai Suna (Kafisu Gaskiya Baba) Wadda Za’a Saki Aranar Da
“Gen/president Muhammad Buhari” Zai Zo Kano A Wajen Taron Buda Sababin Ayukan Da
“Governor Umar Abdullahi Ganduje” Yayi a Jahar Kano.
Za’ayi Wannan Taro Ne A Ranar 27-11-2017 A Jahar Kano Haka Kuma Za’a Saki Wannan Waka A Wannan Ranar. Fatan Mu Allah Ya Bada Ikon Halarta Ameen Summah Ameen
Sanarwa Daga Bakin:- “Yahaya Madawaki Wazirin Rara”
Sai Ni Admin Na Pressloaded Nawallafa Nake Muku Fatan Alkairi.


Comedy: Ali Artwork – Mazaje Anemi Maganin Karfe

Hmmm wannan rayuwa sai addu’a shi ana jimami shikuma iya comedy hahaha to mazaje anemi maganin karfe sabi da tsaro Hausa comedy daga Ali artwork.
Yayin da ya manta wayarsa a gida Ashe beb dinsa na waje na ta kiran wayarsa iya fita suka hadu kusan mai tace masa.
Wai takira taga bai dagaba kawai ta tura masa massege ga matarsa ta dauki wayar taga sako.
Kai karnacikaku da surutu kawai kuje Ku dakko domin Ku kalla kusha dariya.
Bayan ya koma gida.



Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Music: Sammani AA – Dakwan So

Sabuwar wakar mawaki sammani aa mai yar makaranta sunan Wakar ” Dakwan So ” wakar da yayi kenan ta soyayya sabi da farantawa masoya rai.
Wakar dakwan so wakace mai ratsa zuciya musamman ga masoya juna.
Nidai dakwansanki nadauk.
koda ace zaamin duka.
kenake gani ni Dana farka.
bazana mance dake niba.
kekika zamemin farin duba.
kisoni badan halinaba,


Health typhoid fever

Typhoid Fever (Enteric Fever)
Enteric fever is caused by salmonella typhi and salmonella paratyphi A,B,C.
Incubation period : 1-3 weeks . Transmission : by ingestion of contaminated food or water . Clinical features : Fever ,myalgia ,cough ,constipation ,abdominal pain and headache ,Features worsen with time and peak in the third week , deafness and diarrhea can occur and there is classically described relative bradychardia ,hepatosplenome

galy and rose spots (pale pink blanching spots on the trunk ) may be found , the tongue may be dry and coated complications include psychosis , or altered mental state ,hepatitis ,cholecystitis ,pneumonia ,precarditis and meningitis . Leucopenia is typical , Untreated ,mortality is from septicemia or GI perforation ,

Diagnosis : is made by culture of the organism from blood ,bone marrow , stool or urine . Serology : Widal test is not useful

Health chorea encephalitis

Chorea (Post encephalitic )
Look carefully for these abnormal rapid jerking movements affecting the face,tongue ,and distal parts of arms and legs ,rarely the movements may be limited to only one side of the body and then the condition is called hemichorea
(Q) What are the causes of chorea ?
(A) (1) Heredofamiliar : Huntington's chorea
(2) Autoimmune : rheumatic chorea
(3) Infective : post encephalitic
(4) Vascular : hemiballismus
(5) chorea gravidarum
(6) Idiopathic : Senile chorea

Monday, 20 November 2017

Video: Sadik Sani Sadik – Son Banza Hausa Comedy


To Jama’a barkanmu da sake saduwa a wannan satin yau ma mun sake zuwarmuku da sabon comedy na Pulse Hausa Nigeria.
Wanda jarumi sadik sani sadik yake hawa domin nishadantar da masoyansa dama jama’a domin Dakko wannan shirin to Ku biyomu.

Inda zakuga yadda jarumin naku ya samu rabon mari akan son Banza yayin da yayi musu kwaba suna shooting Dan yaga ana raba kudi kawai ba asa dashiba yaje yashiga ya bats musu shiri.

Hahaha mai makon ace ya samu abinda yazo nema haha sai yasha da kyar ai kawai Ku sakko da wannan comedy din kusha dariya tare da sadik sani sadik.
Kawai koda yaushe kuna kasancewa da wannan shafin namu mai Albarka domin kawo muku abubuwan mask nishadantarwa da fadakarwa harma da labarai masu dadi.



Diesel ft classiq Gucci Bags Music

Diesel is out with the video to his brand new rap single titled Gucci Bags featuring ClassiQ.

Diesel started his music career in 2009 as a producer, while later in 2014 he released his first hit single titled “Light Up” Ft. Spotless, Khaleef & Bobo Na Guy.

Diesel has worked with top producers like Spotless, T-klex, Von – D & GuyTin his brother. He’s currently the owner of Daystarmusic Africa. PR Exclusively By Rehitme Media Ltd.


He Finished Himself! Pastor Caught Pants Down With A Soldier's Wife (pics)

When I was growing up, the few times that things like this ever happened in my area, the men and women in the act were taken to pastors who prayed for them to be delivered from the spirit controlling and pushing them into such act. But these days, some pastors are the one getting controlled by that same spirit.

Ali Nuhu ba Ubangida na bane, Uba na ne – Adam Zango

Adam Zango ya fadi a shafin sa na Instagram cewa ba kamar yadda ake masa ganin cewa ba sa ga maciji da Ali Nuhu, matsayin Ali yafi na ubangida.
” Ali ba ubangida na bane Ali Uba ne a gareni.
A makon da ya gabata Adam Zango ya fito yana nuna fushin sa ga wasu abubuwa da bai fadi ko menene ba da wasu ke yi masa a farfajiyar finafinan Hausa na Kannywood, inda ya ce yanzu ya kai makura duk Wanda ya ce masa cas zai ce masa Kyle.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

sabuwar waka Adamu Hassan nagudu Giants Fan Jini

Sabuwar wakar adamu hasan nagudu mai suna ” Hanta Da Jini ” Gaskiya wakar tayi dadi sosai saima kun saurari wannan wakar sannan zakuji ku debi kalamai na kashe saurayi da budurwa.

– Da ganinki dik jina tabari Hanta nata bugawa
– Jazaba daso na kamu idanuna nata kadawa

– Lamuni kewowa gani abincin so maza kiyajewa

– Jinina nata kadawa hanta na zauzawa
Kawai yanzu kuyi maza ku dako wannan wakar domin saurara


Health trichinosis Disease


Trichinosis is a parasitic disease caused by round worms trichinella spiralis .Trichinosis is mainly caused by eating undercooked meat ,Pork products are implicated more often than other meats . The severity of symptoms usually depend on the number of larvae consumed in the infected meat .,infection may occur without symptoms (in mild infestation) .,while intestinal invasion can cause dirrhea ,abdominal pain or vomiting . Larval migration into muscle tissue (one week after being infected ) can cause edema of the face or around the eyes ,conjunctivitis ,fever muscle pains ,splinter hemorrhages ,rashes and peripheral eoisinophilia . Life threatening cases can result in myocarditis ,CNS involvement and pneumonitis . Larval encystement in the muscles causes pain and weakness.
Diagnosis : from the history of eating uncooked pork , from the clinical picture and investigations : C.B.C.: Eosinophilia - Elevated creatine kinase (CK) level in muscle involvement - Muscle biopsy

Prompt treatment with antiparasitic drugs can help prevent the progression of trichinellosis by killing the adult worms and so preventing further release of larvae. Once the larvae have become established in skeletal muscle cells, usually by 3 to 4 weeks post infection, treatment may not completely eliminate the infection and associated symptoms. Treatment with either mebendazole or albendazole is recommended.

Albendazole and mebendazole are not approved for use in pregnant women or children under the age of 2 years. In addition to antiparasitic medication, treatment with steroids is sometimes required in more severe cases.
Drug Adult and pediatric dose
Albendazole 400 mg twice a day by mouth for 8 to 14 days
Mebendazole 200 to 400 mg three times a day by mouth for 3 days, then 400 to 500 mg three times a day by mouth for 10 days

Friday, 17 November 2017

Video: Dadin Kowa Sabon Salo Episode 28 Arewa24

Asatin Daya gabata kunsan anbar baya da kura inda gimbiya bata da lafiya Takai da har sai da sukaje asibiti.
Yayin da ita kuma hajiya tagaji da abinda gimbiya takeyi mata.

Sannan sai kanwar gimbiya ta karbi aikin gimbiya inda aka fara artabu tsakanin kanwar gimbiya da yar hajiya wato bintu.
Domin ganin yadda cigaban wannan chakwakiyar take Ku nemi episode 28 kusha kallo.

Baiyanar Wizzy ta zo da wani sabon salo, domin yayi yunkurin tsara wata matashiyar budurwa ta hanyar nuna mata wata mota da wani gida na wani hamshakin attaijiri a zuwan mallakin babansa ne.
Sai dai baya ta haihu lokacin da mamallakin gidan da motar ya biyoshi da tsabga ya lakada masa dan banzan duka a gaban matashiyar budurwar…




Music:  sabuwar waka dagae daya daga chikin mawakan kannywood kuma daya daga chikin  mawakan Hip Hop

Mai sunan queen Zeeshaq  anatare Waka  Mai  taken  akwai  dalili  wada tayi  sauti Mai dadi  ayi  sauraro lafiya

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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Health piano disease

Piano- like movements of the fingers
Involuntary movements of the fingers may appear as though the patient is playing an invisible guitar or piano this abnormal movement may occur in patients suffering from tardive dyskinesia ,these random body movement can be uncomfortable and painful and difficult to control . Tardive dyskinesia is a neurological syndrome characterized by repetitive invoulntary purposless movements caused by the long term use of neuroleptics.

An kashe wata yarinya a Nigeria don yin tsafi da sassan jikinta

'Yan sanda sun shaida wa BBC cewa an kashe wata yarinya 'yar shekara 17 a Najeriya don a sayar da sassan jikinta wajen yin tsafin da wasu suka yi amanna yana kawo arziki.
An kama mutum uku da suka hada da wani mutum wanda ya yi ikirarin kashe ta da sayar da sassan jikinta ga wani matsafi a kan dala 25, daidai da naira 9,000.
Wani mai magana da yawun 'yan sanda ya kuma ce bayan haka ne kuma sai mutumin ya jefa gangar jikin yarinyar a wata rijiya da ke kauyen Idosemo a jihar Ogun. A Najeriya dai wasu mutanen sun yi amanna da al'amarin tsafi sosai.
A kan je wajen bokaye ko matsafa don neman maganin wasu cututtuka, kuma masu bin su sun yarda cewa suna da siddabarun da za su iya kawo musu sa'a a rayuwa.
Mai magana da yawun 'yan sandan Abimbola Opeyemi, ya ce matsafin, wanda tuni shi ma aka kama shi, ya bayyana cewa lallai ya karbi sassan jikin mutum, amma ya ce ba shi ya bayar da umarnin kisan ba.
Ya ce an kai wa yarinyar hari ne a lokacin da take talla a kan hanya. Mahaifinta ne ya kai rahoton batanta wajen 'yan sandan yankinsu. Mista Opeyemi ya ce, aikin hadin gwiwa da aka yi tsakanin 'yan sanda da 'yan sintiri ne ya sa aka kama matsafin, wanda ya amsa laifinsa a yayin da 'yan sanda ke tuhumarsa. Ya kara da cewa hakan ce ta sa har 'yan sanda suka gano rijiyar da aka jefa yarinyar. Har yanzu dai ba a gurfanar da wadanda ake zargin a kotu ba.
Wannan kisan gilla dai shi ne na baya-baya da ya faru a kudu maso yammacin kasar, inda dama hakan na yawan faruwa.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Bitcoin Tumble Erases as Much as $38 Billion While Rivals Gain

Bitcoin extended a two-day slump as the cancellation of a technology upgrade prompted some users to switch out of the cryptocurrency, spooking speculators in an asset that’s surged more than 500 percent this year.

While the cryptocurrency earlier plunged as much as 15 percent from Friday, it pared its drop to just 1.5 percent at 11:06 a.m. in London, as evidence emerged that bearish investors started to cover their short positions. Bitcoin cash, a rival that split from the original bitcoin in August, has jumped about 22 percent since Friday, according to data compiled by

Bitcoin cash is gaining popularity because of its larger block size, a characteristic that makes transactions cheaper and faster than the original. When a faction of the cryptocurrency community canceled plans to increase bitcoin’s block size on Wednesday — a move that would have created another offshoot — some supporters of bigger blocks rallied around bitcoin cash.
The resulting volatility has been extreme even by bitcoin’s wild standards and comes amid growing interest in cryptocurrencies among regulators, banks and fund managers.
While skeptics have called its rapid advance a bubble, the asset has become too big for many on Wall Street to ignore. Even after shrinking as much as $38 billion since Wednesday, bitcoin boasts a market value of about $105 billion.

Supporters of bitcoin’s technology upgrade “are now switching support to bitcoin cash,” said Mike Kayamori, head of Tokyo-based Quoine, the world’s second most-active bitcoin exchange over the past day. “There’s a panic about what’s happening. People shouldn’t panic. Just hold on to both coins until we see how it plays out.”
Bitcoin’s slump dragged down shares of cryptocurrency-related companies, including Hong Kong-based PC Partner Group Ltd., maker of graphics cards that can be used in the mining of digital coins. But there were few signs of wider ripple effects. Asian stocks were mixed as investors awaited continuing talks on tax legislation in the U.S. this week.

The cancellation of last week’s bitcoin upgrade has left users to choose between the two versions of the cryptocurrency. On one side is the original bitcoin, powered by so-called SegWit technology, which aims to improve its performance by moving unessential data off of its underlying blockchain. On the other side is bitcoin cash, which allows its blockchain to handle eight times as much data as the original.

Proponents of bitcoin cash believe their approach is simpler and closer to the original goal of bitcoin, which was described primarily as a payment system in its white paper. Supporters of the original bitcoin say that vision is too limited, and that by improving the blockchain with SegWit technology, bitcoin can become a new digital-asset class that not only supports payments but countless other functions.
Upgrade Called Off

While bitcoin cash has been around for months, it saw limited support as the community awaited last week’s technology upgrade for the original bitcoin, which promised similar features. Now that the upgrade has been called off, businesses that use the cryptocurrency primarily as a payment method are expected to increase adoption of bitcoin cash.
While bitcoin cash surged over the weekend, it hasn’t been a straight line up. The cryptocurrency was trading at $1,161 at 11:06 a.m. in London, down from a high of about $2,478 on Sunday, prices show.

Bitcoin has been similarly volatile; it initially rose after news that it would avoid another split, but the gains were short-lived. It’s now trading at $6,242 after touching a record $7,882 on Wednesday.
“We have seen similar steep falls in Bitcoin throughout the year — specifically in June and September — but every time a considerable decline occurs, new investors jump in to experience the new asset class,” Hussein Sayed, chief market strategist at FXTM, wrote in a note Monday.

Volume across bitcoin exchanges jumped to 436,021 bitcoins on Sunday, the highest since September, data show. BitMEX, an exchange for cryptocurrency derivatives that allows shorting, saw record activity on Sunday, Chief Executive Officer Arthur Hayes said.
“Crypto trading is not for the novice investor,” said John Spallanzani, chief macro strategist at GFI Securities LLC in New York.

Health case presentation

Case presentation ( from the work experience)

Mrs. A.S.M. is a young female patient 15 years old ,transferred to our ICU in Embaba fever Hospital from the hospital ward because of fever and convulsions , She is not known to be diabetic or hypertensive and not joined to school because of cognitive impairment ,since she had 7 years she suffered recurrent attacks of convulsive seizures associated with severe hypocalcemia for which she is treated with calcium injection with follow up on phenytoin , There is a history of an operation for cataract in both eyes done while she had 10 years , No history of previous neck surgery .The history started 2 days before admission to the hospital by complaining of abdominal pain ,diarrhea associated with blood and tenesmus followed by fever for which she was admitted to the hospital ,received IV fluids ,tetracyclin and metronidazole ,the pain relived and diarrhea subsided but the fever persisted and the patient developed 3 attacks of convulsions then referred to the ICU ,. On Examination : The patient when seen was flaccid , uncooperative , GCS : Severe , 3/15 ,temperature :38C ,So2 88% pulse : 120/m RR:20/m , B.P : 90/60 mmHg , mild bilateral pitting edema

severe oral moniliasis , macerated infected skin of the back ,no jaundice, neck veins : not congested, trachea ; centeral , no thyroid swelling ,no lymphadenopathy , Chest : diffuse bilateral rhonchi , Heart : normal S1,S2

Abdomen: lax ,everted umbilicus, palpable liver , ascites , neck :lax ,no signs of meningeal irritation , Investigations : RBS : 118mg/dl CBC ;Mild Microcytic ,hypochromic anemia , with severe lymphopenia and leukocytosis , Hb.10gm/dl , Lymphocytes,11%, WBCs: 12,000 , urine examination revealed : microscopic hematuria , RBCs : 15-20 /HPF, Granular casts :+++ ,Albumin: + , Fungus : + , Serum biochemistry , Na: 130 , k:2.5meq/l ,normal serum magnesium
Ca : 3mg/dl ,urea, and creatinin :normal Serum PTH : 0.8Pmol/l (n 1.3-7.6 Pmol/l) ,SGOT: 35 , SGPT : 65 Hcv Ab : negative , HBSAg :negative ,ANA : Positive , ASMA : Positive Abdominal U.S : revealed cirrhotic liver ,moderate ascites ,normal kidney size in both sides with no parenchymatous lesions ,

CSF analysis : Clear ,acellular, with normal glucose and protein ,and CSF culture revealed no growth of orgainsm over 24 hours ,no acid fast bacilli with zeil stain , CT Brain : bilateral symmetrical calcification in the basal ganglia, ,cerebellum ,cerebral hemispheres, and periventricular region , fundus examination was normal with no papilloedema ,

Diagnosis : Hypoparathyroidism (? autoimmune ) with extensive intracranial calcification , ,autoimmune hepatitis , sepsis
Management : the patient was given antibiotics (Tazocin ) ,high flow oxygen ,iv fluids , correction of electrolyte deficits calcium and vitamin D replacement ,oral fluconazole for 5 days , local antifungals , and phenytoin ,the general state improved in a few days the patient regained consciousness but still had confusional episodes she was able to sit but could only walk with support ,calcium level became normal on discharge after 9 days and referred for follow up with endocrinologist and hepatologist Discussion : .Hypoparathyroidism may be congenital or acquired , the most common acquired cause is surgical removal of the parathyroid glands ,Congenital hypoparathyroidism in which either the glands are absent or poorly functioning ,Di george syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the developement of the parathyroid glands and it manifests with some or all of these features : congenital heart disease 40% , cyanosis ,palatal abnormalities , learning difficulties (90%) ,hypocalcemia , renal abnormalities (30%) , hearing loss ,autoimmune disorders , immune disorders due to reduced T -cell number leading to recurrent infections ,seizures , also hypoparathyroidism may occur as autoimmune disease either alone or as a part of poly glandular syndrome (hypoparathyroidism .adrenal failure , thyroid failure
Wilson’s disease should also be included in the differential diagmosis , because of hepatic dysfunction , , CNS involvement ,, extrapyramidal system affection (basal ganglia involvement) , so slit lamp examination and serum ceruloplasm should be done.

Health focal seizures facial epilepsy

Focal seizures (Facial epilepsy)
Focal seizures consist of rhythmic twitching of muscle group particularly the extremities and face . These seizures are often associated with localized structral lesions as well as with infections and subarachnoid hemorrhage
, sometimes only the baby's face is involved in epilepsy their eyes twitch( periods of rapid eye blinking during the seizure) and their head may turn to one side ,the child lips may become bluish and breathing may not be normal. . If the baby's body stiffens with or without eyelid flickering , these are usually called tonic seizures

Dandalin Kannywood: Dalilin da yasa bana sanya kananan kaya - Jaruma Aisha Tsamiya

Fitacciyar jarumar nan ta wasan fina-finan Hausa a masana'antar Kannywood kuma 'yar asalin jihar Kano mai suna A'isha Aliyu da ake yi wa lakani da A'isha Tsamiya ta fito ta bayyanawa duniya babban dalilin da ya sanya ita bata saka kananan kaya kamar sauran wasu jaruman.
Jarumar dai ta bayyana cewa ita ba ta sa kananan kaya ne musamman saboda dalilin cewa ba sa yi mata kyau idan ta sa su don kuma ta dan gwada a lokutan baya.
Majiyarmu dai ta samu cewa wasu da daga cikin jarumai mata a masana'antar fim din kan sanya kananan kaya a yanayin rayuwar su ta yau-da-kullum ko kuma ma a cikin fim amma ba'a taba ganin ita A'isha Tsamiya din ba da su.
Mai karatu dai zai iya tuna cewa a kwanan baya ma dai mun kawo maku labarin yadda wata kungiya a arewacin kasar nan tayi kira ga matan yankin da suyi koyi da dabi'un jarumar fim din Rahma Sadau wanda kuma hakan ya jawo cece-kuce a tsakanin mata da maza a yankin inda suke ganin hakan bai dace ba.

Dansanda ya yiwa soja dukan tsiya a wajen na’urar ATM dake Damaturu

Rundunar yansanda sun tafi da soja tare da dan sanda dan bincike al'amarin da ya janyo rikic ia tsakanin su Wani jami’in yansada ya ji ma wani soja rauni a lokacin da rikici ya barke a tsakinin su a wajen cire kudi a na'urar ATM dake Damaturu. ta samu rahoton cewa, rikicin ya fara na lokacin da wani soja ya zo cire kudi daga ATM, ya samu mutane suna bin layin cire kudi, amma shi yaki bi layin.
Mutanen da ke wajen suka nuna masa rashin amincewa akan zarar da yake so ya mu su, daganan wani dansanda dake cikin layin ya tunkari shi ya ce ma sa dole ya bi layi idan lallai yana son ya cire kudi daga na'urar ATM din.
Daganan rikci ya barke a tsakanin su, har suka fara kokuwa da juna, Dansanda ya samu galaba akan soja yayi masa dukan tsiya, har ya jima masa mumunar rauni a jiki. Rundunar yansadar 2ic dake Damaturu sun tafi da dansadar tare sojan dan bincike.
Daga Naijhausa

Man United za ta dauki Asensio na Madrid

Manchester United na shirin daukar Marco Asensio, za kuma ta ba shi yarjejeniyar shekara biyar a kungiyar, in ji wani rahoto daga Spaniya. Kocin United, Jose Mourinho na neman 'yan wasan da za su kara masa karfin kungiyar a watan Janairu da wadanda za su buga masa tamaula a badi a Old Traford. Jaridar Don Balon ta ce United za ta bai wa mai wasan tsakiya na Real Madrid fam miliyan 177 idan har ya amince zai koma buga gasar Premier. Dan wasan mai shekara 21, yana da yarjejeniya da Real Madrid har zuwa kakar 2023, ya kuma ci kwallo hudu ya kuma taimaka aka zura biyu a raga a wasa takwas da aka fara da shi. Sai dai kuma Isco na kokarin kwantar wa da Asensio hankali kan rade-radin da ake yi a kan dan kwallon.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Nigeria: An fara amfani da waka wajen yaki da cin hanci Ds Rashawa


A Najeriya, hukumar da ke yaki da masu yi wa tattalin arzikin kasa zagon-kasa, wato EFCC, ta rungumi wata sabuwar dabara ta amfani da mawakan Kannywood don shelar yaki da cin hanci da rashawa a tsakanin mata da yara.

Hukumar ta yi wani gangami a Kano, inda fitattun mawaka suka nuna basirarsu wajen isar da sakon hukumar ta hanyar waka. EFCC dai, ta bayyana cewa shigar da mata da yara a cikin yaki da cin hanci na da muhimmanci sakamakon matsayinsu a tsakanin al`uma kasancewar mata sune ginshikin tarbiyya ga yara da ake fatan su ne manyan gobe.
Dr Adamu Hamisu Danmusa, shi ne Daraktan ayyuka na hukumar EFCC mai kula da shiyyar arewa maso yamma ya ce, sun yanke shawarar fara amfani da mawaka ne domin isar da sakon da suke son isarwa ga al'umma musamman mata da yara a kan illar cin hanci.
Daraktan ya ce, mawaka ba bu inda ba sa isar da sako ta hanyar waka, don haka suke ganin amfani da mawakan zai taimaka wajen isar da sako ga al'umma, domin ba sai a rinka hada taruka don fadakar da mutane illar cin hanci ba.

Dr Adamu, ya ce dama an san mata da son waka, to ta hanyar waka za su isar da sakonni da dama.

A Najeriyar dai ana kukan cewa babu wani bangaren rayuwa da cin hanci bai ratsa ba. Najeriya dai kasa ce mai arzikin man fetur tun farashi na ganiyarsa, da wasu muhimman albarkatun kasa, ga kuma yawan jama`a, amma duk da haka galibin al`ummar kasar na fama da talauci sakamakon cin hanci da rashawa. Kodayake gwamnatin shugaba Buhari ta yi alwashin yaki da wannan annoba.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Yadda na hana zurarewar Naira biliyan 2.5 daga ma'aikata ta - Sheikh Isah Ali Pantami


Babban shehin malamin islamar nan, kwararre a harkokin sadarwar zamani kuma shugaban hukumar gwamnatin tarayya dake da alhakin kula da ma'aitar ta National Information Technology Development Agency [NITDA] a turance, Sheikh Dakta Ali Isa Pantami ya bayyana kadan daga cikin cigaban da ya samu a ma'aikatar sa.

Shehin malamin dai ya bayyana cewa akalla makudan kudaden da suka kai darajar Naira biliyan biyu da rabi ne ya tattala, ya kuma hana su zurare tamkar a baya na gwamnatin tarayya a hukumar ta sa ta hanyar dabbaka wasu sabbin dubarun fasahohi. ta samu dai cewa shehin malamin ya bayyana hakan ne a cikin takardar bayan taro da suka fitar jim kadan bayan kammala tarin su na shekara-shekara mai taken e-Nigeria 2017 a garin Abuja, babban birnin tarayya.

Haka nan kuma Dakta Pantami ya kuma bayyana cewa kasar ta Najeriya tana bisa turbar da ya dace inda yace yanzu haka kasar na a sahun gaba sosai a nahiyar Afrika wajen samar da cigaban fasahar ta zamani.

Video: Dadin Kowa Sabon Salo Episode 27 Arewa24

To jama,a barkanmu da jumma’a da fatan antashi lafiya a yau zamu kawo muku dadin kowa Sabin salo.
Domin ganin cigaban dadin kowa na satin da yagabata wato episode 26 to yau ga 27.

Sa’adatu ta zo da wata sabuwa a wannan karon, ko ya zata kwashe? IB na cikin damuwa, don matsalolin da suka bujuro masa, ga kuma ya fara kokarin hada kan samari.

Ko ya karshen wannan hada kan samarin zai zama?

 Gimbiya na cikin matsananciyar damuwa saboda tafiyar ‘yar’uwarta.
Sabuwa ta gano wsabuwar dabara kuma ta nemi hadinkan Kuluwa. Kuluwa kuma tana da nata tunanin…

Kawai kushigo wannan shafin domin dakkoshi.


Cancer Dies When You Eat These Five Foods. It’s Time To Start Eating Them

Cancer is a disease that involves abnormal cell growth which spreads across the body. The proliferation of the cells may result in tumors which can be cancerous or benign. There are more than 100 types of cancer classified by the type of cells involved.
Angiogenesis is a physiological process which creates blood vessels in the body. This process activates when we suffer an injury and the body needs rebuilt blood vessels in order to start the healing, but angiogenesis is related to cancer as well.
The process is regulated by inhibitors and activators – although cancer is closely related to inhibitors, the activators are responsible for stimulating the vascular cell growth which is important for angiogenesis.

As the disease and process are entwined, we need to stop the angiogenesis in order to defeat cancer. Although it sounds hard, it’s as easy as including the following foods in your diet:
This health spice and its active compound curcumin can stop angiogenesis and prevent the development and spread of cancer.
Coffee and green tea
Drinking coffee and green tea every day is highly beneficial. According to several studies, both beverages have the ability to stop cancer.

Tomatoes contain a compound known as lycopene. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that can lower the risk of cancer. According to studies, lycopene is broken down to fat, and increases in amount when subjected to high temperatures. This means that cooked tomatoes work best against cancer.
Blueberry and raspberry extract
These berries are rich in special phytochemicals that can prevent oxidative stress, angiogenesis and cancer.
Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate possesses powerful anticancer properties and should be consumed on a daily basis. However, make sure to eat just a bit – too much of it can create other health problems.

Music: Abdul D One – Karba Karba

Sabuwar wakar abdul d one mai suna ” Karba Karba A So ” Wakin abdul d one gaskiya kana abunda kaga dama a wannan lokacin irin yadda kashe masoyanka da wakokin masu ratsa zuciya.

Wakar Gaskiya tayi dadi karba karba aso to Allah yasa alkairee za a karba, kuna ina masoya sai kuyi maza ku dakko wakarnan domin ku saurara.



– Nayarda Nima Sai Dake

– Nayarda Nima Sai Dakai

– Karba karba a so Babu tsakanina da ke

– Wanda yake yin haka Lallai zaiyi tagumi

– Nayarda dake zan adanamiki kaina

– Komai kikaso zanyishi domin kauna

– Zan baki kula idan kina gafena

– Magana a so a harshena

– Na Rike ta zam makari na

– Kece kadai nake kallo a raina

– In bake za ai min gwalo zo guna
Kawai kuyi maza ku dakko wannan wakar domin sauraran sauran.


Sunayen wandanda ake zargin Karkatar Da Tirela 65 Na Abincin 'Yan Gudun Hijira

Sun Karkatar Da Tirela 65 Na Abincin 'Yan Gudun Hijira Wadanda Ake Zargin Masu Suna Adamu Ado Bomboy, Sadiq Abubakar Tijjani, Abba Thomas, Umar Idris Da Rabi'u Haruna, Yanzu Haka Ana Kan Tuhumarsu.
Daga Rariya Facebook

Dalilin da ya sa na kirkiro shirin ‘Taurarin Zamani’ – Ofime

Dan Najeriya mazaunin kasar Kanada, kuma mai shirya fina-finai, Rogers Ofime ya bayyana cewa kamfaninsa mai suna Natibe Media ya kirkiron shirin talabijin mai suna ‘Taurarin Zamani’ ne don ya nuna arewacin Najeriya ga duniya.
Rogers Ofime wanda kuma darakta, wanda ya shirya manyan fina-finan Turanci na Nollywood irinsu ‘Price of Spice’ da kuma ‘Olaibiri’ ya bayyana hakan ne a lokacin da yake tattaunawa da Aminiya a garin Jos Daraktan ya ce, shirin Taurarin Zamani zai nuna manya masu fada a ji da ke Arewacin Najeriya.

Ya ce, “Mun samu damar tattaunawa da manyan masu fada a ji ’yan Arewa, wadanda suka yi fice a bangarori da dama da suka hada da siyasa da aikin gwamnati da kasuwanci da kuma fitattu a bangaren waka da kida da kuma masana’antar fina-finan hausa ta Kannywood.” Ya kara da cewa a bangaren nishadi sun tattauna da Ali Nuhu da Rahama Sadau da mawaki Umar M Shareef da jarumi Sadik Daba da Yakubu Muhammad da Sani Danja da mawaki Ahmad Mai Shanawa da Classik da sauransu. Fitaccen Furodusa kuma jarumin fina-finan Hausa, Usman Uzee ne yake gabatar da shirin, inda ya kuma tattauana da fitattun mutane irinsu Jerry Gana da Sarah Jibril da Zainab Bagudu da Halima Idris da kuma Hon. Munirat Suleiman.

Sauran wadanda suka bakunci shirin sun hada da Husseini Coomasie da Sanata Nenadi Usman da Hon. Aminu Goro da Isaac Dabid Balami da sauransu.
Ya bayyana cewa tuni aka fara nuna shirin ‘Taurarin Zamani a tashar Hausa ta Africa Magic a ranar Asabar da misalin 5:30 na yamma da kuma maimaici a ranar Lahadi da misalin 5:30 na yamma.

Ofime wanda ya shirya fina-finan da ake nunawa a talabijin da suka hada da ‘Tinsel’ da ‘The Johnson’ ya ce an kuma fara nuna shirin a gidan Talabijin na Liberty.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Health Nail abnormalities

Nail abnormalities :
Splinter hemorrhage
Hemorrhages in the nail beds usually have a linear distribution near the distal end ,Remember these hemorrhages are not considered to be pathognomonic of infective endocarditis ,they are thought to be caused by dissemination of tiny thrombi do not forget the differniation of splinter hemorrhages from trichiniciasis , splinter hemorrhages are longitudinal whereas in trichiniciasis the hemorrhages are always transverse .
Locally : Look very carefully so as not to miss these lesions , Look at the nails of the fingers of the other hand as well .
Elswhere : Look for other features of infective endocarditis e.g petechial hemorrhages (in conjunctiva or oral mucosa ) , anemia splenomegaly , Osler,s nodes ,Roth spots , Janeway lesions etc.
Common associations :
Trauma especially in manual labourers .
Infective endocarditis .
Septicemia .

Video: Hamisu Breaker – Kece || Sadik Sani Sadik

Video: Hamisu Breaker – Kece || Sadik Sani Sadik

Ku Tura Zuwa
Wakar hamisu breaker kenan ta farko wace aka farayin bidiyonta ” A Duniya Ke Kikazam Farin cikina ” wace sadik sani sadik ya hau bidiyon wakar.

Gaskiya shigar da sadik sani sadik yayi zakuci dariya wakuma samo motar da wato ladi ba duwai-wai sunan motar iya tafiya iya wakar.

A Duniya Ke Kikazam Farin Cikina
Indan bake waza na baiwa kauna
Farin cikina kizam jinin jikina
Idan Da So kauna bata kaini rana
Kin zamma jigo hasken idaniyata
Kunji yace wakar take duk da nasan kunsan audio dinta


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

EFCC ba ta bincike na – Sheikh Pantami

Shugaban Hukumar bunkasa fasahar sadarwar ta zamani ta Najeriya (NITDA), Sheikh Isa Pantami, ya ce ba gaskiya ba ne batun da ake cewa Hukumar EFCC da ke yaki da masu yi wa tattalin arzikin kasar zagon kasa tana bincikensa. Wadansu rahotanni da ba a tabbatar ba sun ruwaito Ministan Sadarwar kasar Adebayo Shittu yana cewa gwamnatin tarayya tana jiran sakamakon wani binciken da hukumar EFCC take wa shugabannin hukumar NITDA. Rahotannin sun ce ana binciken hukumar ne kan yadda ta kashe kudin da aka ware mata a kasafin kudin shekarar 2017, bayan wani korafi da aka gabatar a gaban hukumar EFCC. Sai dai Sheikh vPantami ya musanta hakan, "karya aka rubuta a kanmu kuma idan mun samu wadanda suka aikata hakan, to kotu za mu kaisu," in ji shi. Ya ce hukumar EFCC ba ta taba bincikarsa ba ko wani ma'aikacinsa tun da ya kama aiki da hukumar NITDA. "EFCC sanya mana albarka take game da kokarin da muke na kawo gyara a hukumar NITDA," kamar yadda ya ce. Latsa alamar lasifika da ke kasa don sauraron cikakkiyar hirar da BBC ta yi da Sheikh Pantami kan batun: BBC ta tuntubi mai magana da yawun hukumar EFCC, Wilson Uwujaren, wanda ya ce: "ba zan iya cewa da gaske ne ana binciken hukumar NITDA ba, kuma ba zan iya cewa karya ba ne."

Jaruma Halima Atete ta gamu da masoyin ta Sanata Kwankwaso a Dubai

Wani hoton da ya bulla a dandalin zumunta a satin da ya gabata na ci gaba da daukar hankulan jama'a da dama na Jarumar nan ta wasannin fina-finan Hausa Halima Atete da kuma tsohon Gwamnan Kano Sanata Rabi'u Musa Kwankwaso a filin jirgi. Hoton dai na kunshe ne da jarumar zaune a kusa da shahararren dan siyasar inda ta dora wata jar hula da ke nuna alamun mubayi'a ga bin tafarkin Kwankwasiyya karkashin jagorancin tsohon Gwamnan. dai ta samu daga majiyoyi da dama cewa an dauki hoton ne a filin sauka da tashin jirage na kasa-da-kasa dake a garin Dubai a dunkulalliyar Daular Larabawa. Da ma dai ba tun yauba jaruman dake shirya fina-finai a jihar ta Kano din suna nuna matukar kaunar su ga tsohon Gwamnan da suke kallon yana maraba da sana'ar ta su.
Source-: NaijHausa

Sunayen malaman da suka ci kashi 75 bisa 100 a jarabawar Kaduna

Sunayen wadanda suka ci kashi 75 bisa 100 a jarabawar gwaji da gwamnatin jihar Kaduna tayi wa malaman makarantun firamaren jihar. Shugaban hukumar SUBEB na jihar Nasir Umaru ya ce cikin malamai 33,000 da suka rubuta jarabawar 11,200 ne kawai suka sami nasarar cin kashi 75 bisa 100 na tambayoyin da aka yi musu. Ya Kara da cewa gwamnati ta Kafa wata kwamiti domin duba korafe-korafen da wasu malamai su keyi game da sakamakon jarabawar don bi musu hakkin su.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Nafisa Abdullahi ta gagara a Kannywood, ta lashe gagarumar kyauta a birnin Landan

Nafisa Abdullahi ta yi zarra a Kannywood
- Nafisa Abdullahi ta lashe kyautar gwarzuwar Hausa Fim na shekarar 2017
- Ali Nuhu, Ramadan Booth sun halarci taron a Landan
Fitacciyar jarumar wasan Hausa Fim, Nafisa Abdullahi ta lashe kyautar gwarzuwar Hausa Fim na shekarar 2017 a bikin bada kyautuka na finafinan Afirka daya gudana a kasar Ingila.
An gudanar da wannan gagarumin biki ne a ranar Asabar, a birnin Landan, inda daga cikin wadanda suka halarci bikin karramawar har da Ali Nuhu da Ramadan Booth, kamar yadda Daily Trust ta ruwaito. Ita ma jarumar tayi farin ciki sosai, inda ta bayyana hakan a shafin Twitter.
KU KARANTA: 2019: Matuƙar Buhari ba zai tsaya takara ba, toh ni zan tsaya – Yariman Bakura
Nafisa ta taka rawar gani a wasu fina finan Kannywood da suka hada da ‘Guguwar So’, ‘Dan marayan Zaki’ da ‘Ya daga Allah.’, kuma ta yaba da amsar wannan kyauta, duk da dai ba shi ne na farko ko na biyu ba, inji ta.
Nafisa Abdullahi
“Dayake dai wannan kyautr ba itace ta farko, ko na biyu, ko na uku a waje na ba, amma dai nayi matukar farin cikin (African Film Awards). Na sadaukar da shi ga duk wadanda suka taimaka min.”
In ji ta.

Nafisa tare da Ali Nuhu a Stamford Bridge
Daga karshe ta gode ma masoyanta, saboda goyon bayan da suke bata a kullu yaumin, sa'annan tare da ALi Nuhu suka garzaya filin wasan Chelsea na Stamford Bridge, inda suka kalli wasan Chelsea da Manchester.