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Human femur bone


Human Femur Bone

The thigh bones, scientific name femur, are thought to be around eight times stronger than concrete. In fact, most bones are around this strong when matched for size.

The femur is the thigh bone, the longest bone in the body. The lower end joins the tibia (shin) to form the knee joint. The upper end is rounded into a ball (or head of the femur) that fits into a socket in the pelvis to form the hip joint. Just below the head are a constriction, or neck, and two large processes-an upper, lateral greater trochanter and a lower, medial lesser trochanter.

The femur the longest and strongest bone in the skeleton, is almost perfectly cylindrical in the greater part of its extent. In the erect posture it is not vertical, being separated above from its fellow by a considerable interval, which corresponds to the breadth of the pelvis, but inclining gradually downward and medialward, so as to approach its fellow toward its lower part, for the purpose of bringing the knee-joint near the line of gravity of the body.  

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