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Celebral tuberculomas CNS Disease

Today's photo : Cerebral tuberculomas
CNS tuberculomas is a serious form of TB due to hematogenous spread of mycobacterium tuberculosis ,manifesting as meningitis,cerebritis, and tuberculous abscesses or tuberculomas
Intracranial tuberculomas are the least common presentation of CNS TB .
Tuberculomas often present with symptoms and signs of focal neurological deficit without evidence of systemic disease ,the radiologic features are also non specific and differenitial diagnosis includes ,malignant lesions ,CNS sarcoidosis, pyogenic abscesses ,cerebral toxoplasmosis ,and cerebral cysticercosis . The patient can present with prolonged low grade fever , prolonged headache , convulsions ,Localized neurological deficits (cranial nerve affection,cerebral and cerebellar affection) and papilloedema are common . Obstructive hydrocephalus is a common complication

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