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Health and service about sex

Researchers at the Kinsey institute note that …
• Bigger size penises are not always better , instead women expect penis size to match penetration .
• Women love penis size of between 5 . 5 inches and six inches when fully erect .
• Women pay attention to girth over length . Penis girth can be defined as the thickness of a male penis when it is fully erect .
• Throughout the history of mankind, females prefer human males who are well- endowed.
• What matters most is how to use the penis properly to achieve maximum sensation leading to a woman’ s orgasm .
• Both increases in length and girth play a crucial role when it comes to satisfying a woman, sexually of course .
• Bigger penis girth gives both strength and consistency of the penis.
• When the penis is making its entry into the vagina, it hits a wider area that holds sensitive nerve endings resulting in a much intense sensation for orgasm .
• The tighter it gets into the vaginal walls, the more pressure it has to stimulate the nerve endings .
• The first three inches deep into the vaginal entrance wall considered the most sensitive area .
• The bigger the penis can fill the vaginal walls, the better sexual sensation it offers .
• Men with an average size penis are preferable when it comes to proper stimulation of the sensitive nerve endings of the vagina.
• Varying the techniques of penetration such as angles and changing sexual positions are also both important.

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