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Health and service about sex five things do after sex

Men love to have sex , but many men don ’ t know that after that earth -shaking orgasm that usually knocks them out , there are some areas of their health to take care of .
Doing one of these five things will enable any healthy man to perform better every time they want to have sex !
So , as a man , what are you expected to do after having sex ? The following …
Eat banana . Cramps are some of the side effects of sex . So , eat a banana and drink water to prevent muscle spasms or cramps during and after sex . Again, nutritionists say bananas contain the enzyme bromelain, which some studies have found boosts a man ’ s libido . They are also rich in B vitamins , such as riboflavin , which are essential for the manufacturing of sex hormone, testosterone .
Wash your penis . Many men are careless when it comes to maintaining penis hygiene ! Yet , sex experts counsel men to wash the penis with soap and water after sex , and especially for the uncircumcised male . Failure to do so can lead to infections and other diseases , physicians say . Poor penis hygiene can cause infections , inflammations , phimosis ( congenital narrowing of the opening of the foreskin so that it cannot be retracted ) and even tumours , they warn .
Drink water . Water is needed to flush out the toxins from the body . Drink sufficient water to maintain a good amount of blood and oxygen supply to the penis.
Take a nap . Well , most men would do this anyway ! This is because vasopressin , a hormone, tightens the blood vessels and plays an important role in homeostasis of the body . This hormone is directly released in the brain and tends to relax the body .
Eat chia seeds . These seeds are a powerhouse of energy , along with other nutrients . Consuming chia seeds are the best way to boost energy and rebuild stamina , nutritionists say . And if you can find chia seeds in your locality , eat sesame seeds or pumpkin seeds

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