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Condom-clogged toilet leads to discovery of prostitution ring

A public waste pipe that burst open has led to the discovery of a prostitution ring that has been farming out victims for illicit sex .
Those behind the prostitution ring were arrested at a massage parlour after a pipe that was clogged with hundreds of used condoms tipped off the security agents that something illegal was going on .
According to an arrest affidavit that was filed on Tuesday , authorities were told by the company that manages the property that the massage parlour might also be offering prostitution services to its customers .
Other tenants in the building had also voiced their suspicions ; and the condoms in the blocked pipe might be the eloquent testimony to their suspicion .
According to the prosecution, one of the owners of the business , a woman, was stopped by security at the international airport two days before the pipes were discovered, with $ 30 , 000 in cash wrapped up in several duct - taped bundles .
She told police she had saved the money in order to have a medical procedure in China .
She was eventually allowed to board the plane, but left a phone number that was connected to an advertiser’ s account that had advertisements for sexual services under the name “ Jade Massage . ”
When officials conducted a raid on that location, they found the woman in a room with a naked man and another woman in a separate room with a naked man .
The woman and her husband , who is listed as a co- owner of the business , face charges of engaging in organised criminal activity and money laundering .
The incident , which happened in Austin, USA , is still being investigated .

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