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Animal husbandry neco expo

Animal husbandry obj
(1)It serve as food industry
(2) it provide raw material for mankind
(3) it provide shatters
*poly gastric*
Long digestive system
Prominent microbial digestion
*Mono Gastric*
Short digestive system
Enzymatic digestion
I) lungs
ii) bladder
III) Skin
2b) brands are used to identify specific animals by branding a number on their side or hip.
(2c)Reasons for fostering piglet
(1)Too many piglets - Some herds have the luxury of having too many pigs born alive and these surplus pigs if they are to survive must be given a new dam
(2)Variable birth weight - The mortality within any litter group is dependent in part upon the variation in birth weights. The greater the variations, then the higher the mortality in those piglets of low birth weight.
(3) Savaging - This is common in intensive environments. Occasionally if a gilt or sow does not respond to sedation it is necessary to foster the whole litter.
3ai) Molasses can be mixed into silage as an additive to make up for low levels of carbohydrates

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