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Medical case consultant

Daily Syndrome
Cryoglobulin syndromes
Cryoglobulins are serum proteins that reversibly precipitate in the cold . More than half of cryoglobulenimic patients have an underlying disease ,such as immuno-proliferative process ,autoimmune disorder or underlying infection (e.g. hepatitis B or C ) ,the remainder are idiopathic (Essential cryoglobulinemia ) .Clinical manifestations of cryoglobulins may be manifested by immune complex deposition ( arthralgias,purpura ,glomerulonephritis and neuropathy or hyperviscosity (headache ,lethargy ,,blurred vision ) therapy for secondary globulinemic states is directed at the underlying disease . Essential cryoglobulinemia may respond to prednisone or immunosuppressive agents ,hyperviscosity responds dramatically to plasmapharesis

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